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My outfit philosophy

Design should be simple. I just recently told a client that designing a room is like picking out an outfit. I typically wear stretchy jeans that are comfortable and were moderately priced since I had a baby a year ago (these perform for me), a cheap top from TJ MAXX or a local discount shop, (an inexpensive staple), flip fops (comfortable), an expensive leather belt that is worn and has a bit of a patina (which I love), vibrant earnings a friend gave me a pop of color and dear to me), and my expensive watch that my wife bought me in Italy (an expensive statement and a staple). All of these things are special to me in some way and make up an outfit that evokes my style. A room should do the same thing. It should have pieces in it that perform like a couch that is comfortable with performance fabric to deal with messes by kids, pets and spouses (of course). :) They should have pieces that mean the world to us in them, they should have things that are staples that provide function. And they should be a combination of things that are inexpensive and perhaps something you invested some money in. I always ask my clients to pick out something that is special to them that they have or find interesting and I start with that as a design inspiration. Similar to knowing when I am getting dressed in the morning I want to wear a certain shirt... Well thats it! My first blog!

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